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Welcome to Redeemer Classical School

Welcome to Redeemer Classical School

The educational system called “classical education” was developed over two millennia with the goal of developing young minds to be wise. This proven approach has produced the greatest thinkers, leaders and scientists in Western civilization. At Redeemer we draw on the best of this rich heritage to build the leaders of tomorrow- young men and women with the tools to seek and appreciate the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Upcoming Events

  • Professional Development Day - Early Dismissal
    Sep 22
  • Recitation Friday
    Oct 06 @8:30am
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences - Early Dismissal both days
    Oct 12 - Oct 13
  • End of the 1st Term
    Oct 24
  • Professional Development Day - Early Dismissal
    Oct 27
  • Recitation Friday
    Nov 03 @8:30am
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RCS Video Gallery

  • Introducing Redeemer Classical School

  • School Song

  • Music at Redeemer

  • RCS at the Harrisonburg Christmas parade

  • Spring Program (2012)

  • The Gettysburg Address recited by some of our 3rd-7th graders in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's famous speech.

The Latest News

  • Redeemer Classical School Purchases Historic Keezletown School Building
    Redeemer Classical School Purchases Historic Keezletown School Building
    Posted on 04 Aug 2017

    Redeemer Classical School announced today that it has purchased the historic Keezletown School Building. The school has rented the facility since 2008, and will now undertake significant improvements to make the campus its permanent home. Redeemer Classical School is the only classical school in the Shenandoah Valley and includes pre-K through 8th grade. It earned full accreditation from

  • Grammar School Spring Program
    Grammar School Spring Program
    Posted on 17 May 2017

    Music education, experience, creation and performance is highly valued at RCS. Across the grades, two dedicated music teachers, both fine musicians and composers in their own right, lead students in exploring grade appropriate musical experiences: lower grades go far beyond basic pitch-matching and steady rhythms to folk dance, hand signs, Orff, recorder and improvisation. Upper grades focus on

  • 5th Grade Mythology Exam Medals
    5th Grade Mythology Exam Medals
    Posted on 17 May 2017

    This spring, the fifth grade class participated in the National Mythology Exam — administered by Excellence Through Classics — for the first time. The purpose of the exam is “to motivate students to learn about classical mythology and literature.” The fifth grade students completed 40 questions on the Olympic gods and 10 questions on Hercules.  

    100% of the students who were able to take the exam

  • 8th Grade Capstone Presentations
    8th Grade Capstone Presentations
    Posted on 12 May 2017

    Each spring, 8th grade students are asked to think of a topic that has been of personal importance to them during their time at RCS. Students research and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation to share their developing understanding or skill in their chosen area. Our current 8th graders delivered this Capstone presentation at the Spring Logic School Program on May 4. The following are brief

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