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National Mythology Exam Awards

National Mythology Exam Awards

This spring, RCS students in grades 5-8 took the National Mythology Exam administered by Excellence Through Classics. The purpose of the exam is “to motivate students to learn about classical mythology and literature.”

All students completed 40 questions on the Olympic gods and 10 questions on Hercules.  Sixth and seventh grade students also answered 10 questions on Norse mythology, which they have been studying in literature class.  Eighth grade students studied Book 22 of Robert FItzgerald's translation of The Iliad, describing the battle between Achilles and Hector, and answered 10 questions related to the text.  

Over 80% of logic school students earned a medal for the exam. Below are the medal winners for grades 6-8. Gold medalists turned in perfect exams.

Josie Brumfield (7)
Colin Landes (7)
Hudsen Mickley (7)

Joshua Chellarajan (8)
Jeremiah Esteban (6)
Penny Fries (8)
Josiah Leach(7)
Ellen Leaton (8)
Henry Matter (7)
Anna Phillips (8)
Cara Rodes (8)
Alex Scheidt (6)

Madeleine Dunaway (7)
Sadie Hollihan (8)
Harriet King (8)
Jax Lassiter (7)
Maddie McKay (7)
William Peters (7)
Mason Ritchie (6)
Ada Sherman (7)
Virginia Velker (7)

Medalists for the fifth grade will be announced at the May 11th Grammar School Spring Program.