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National Latin Exam Awards

National Latin Exam Awards

In March 2017, the logic school Latin students took the National Latin Exam. This test is administered to over 149,000 students world-wide. Students answer questions on English derivatives and Latin history, mythology, culture, and translation. Most students who take the NLE are high school students, and some are college students. Typically, close to 38 % of students who take the NLE receive awards. This year, 50% of RCS students taking the NLE received an award for outstanding achievement. The awards are as follows:

Gold Summa Cum Laude
Jeremiah Esteban (6)
Josiah Leach (7)
Anna Phillips (8)
Penny Fries (8)

Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Josie Brumfield (7)
William Peters (7)
Ellen Leaton (8)

Magna Cum Laude
Alex Scheidt (6)
Hudsen Mickley (7)
Harriet King (8)
Cara Rodes(8)

Cum Laude
Virginia Velker (7)