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Mr./Ms. Olympus Contest and The Vergil Award

Mr./Ms. Olympus Contest and The Vergil Award

Mr./Ms. Olympus Contest
On February 14, the RCS hosted the Mr./Ms. Olympus Contest. Hearing that Zeus is retiring to a serene Mediterranean island, 18 Greek gods and goddesses (who looked quite a bit like our 6th and 7th students) competed to become Supreme Ruler of Olympus. Apollo (aka Jeremiah Esteban) won the competition, followed by Metis (Kaitlin Newkirk). Hephaestus (Nathan Dunaway) and Bacchus (Silas King) tied for third place.  

Vergil Award
Eighth grade students competed for the Vergil Award on February 16, presenting memorized portions of Book 2 of The Aeneid or original compositions based on the Fitzgerald translation. Tying for first place were Aiden Hutton and Josiah Leach with memorized speeches and Henry Matter with an original speech.

Some students wrote a rhyming speech introducing Sinon, a Greek who lied to the Trojans about the horse. Below is an excerpt from Josie Brumfield’s poem.

Am I rejected by everyone?
Is there a place for me under the sun?
The Greeks hate me and now Trojans too?
Where can I go? What can I do?

The Trojans ask me to relate
My name, my birthplace and my fate.

I’ll tell you the truth, Sinon’s my name,
And from the land of Argos I came.

Some students amplified the speeches given by Capys or Laocoon, who tried to warn the Trojans not to accept the wooden horse. Below is an excerpt from Jax Lassiter’s original speech.

Men, gather round. This gift from the Greeks can only mean trouble. When was the last time the Danaans, our enemies, wished us to succeed? Never, I tell you! Build up a bonfire under it, this trick of the Greeks, a gift no one can trust, or cut it open, search the hollow belly!

National Mythology Exam
All students in grades 5-8 will take the National Mythology Exam on February 23. We'll keep you posted on the results.